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***This Download is for the Display Repair Kit Manual Only. No Elastomers, Tools, Meters, or LCD Displays are included in this offer.  This Instruction Manual will not help, or fix Broken LCD Displays***

This offer is for one original Display Repair Kit step-by-step photo Instruction Manual.  This instruction manual will assist in temporarily fixing Fading, Faded, Missing Segments, or Ghosting Fluke Multimeter Displays and is available for immediate download.

For a more permanent display fix, please see our elastomers and other items that relate to your Fluke Multimeter model number.

Save money. Restore your old Fluke Multimeter in Ten Minutes with basic tools. Phillips Head and Flathead Screwdrivers needed for completion.

This Instruction Manual will assist with Fluke 87, Fluke 87 III, Fluke 87 V, Fluke 85, Fluke 85 III, Fluke 83, Fluke 83 III, Fluke 83 V, Fluke 86, Fluke 88, Fluke 787, Matco MD-88,
Fluke Kent Moore J39200

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