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How to fix the Fluke 70 Series LCD Display with faded, fading, ghosting, or missing segments on LCD? This works for all Fluke 70 Series Multimeters like the Fluke 73, Fluke 75, Fluke 77, Fluke 78, Fluke 79, Fluke Matco, and Fluke Mac Tools versions. Cleaning the display connectors with rubbing alcohol, or contact cleaner will serve as a quick temporary fix, though temporary could last up to a year, or longer. The best way to fix once and for all long term is to replace the old pink elastomers with the new gray elastomers. Our Display Kits come with step by step photo instructions, gray elastomers, and 60 Day Warranty. That means we'll honor a full refund on returned items within 60 Days if you're not satisfied. We also sell Fluke parts, and quality used test equipment.