Fluke 52 Display Repair Kit

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**Fluke Multimeter, or LCD Display NOT Included**

This original Fluke Replacement Kit is  for fixing Fading, or Ghosting multimeter Displays.

The Kit includes replacement elastomer connectors and digital download of detailed step-by-step photo instructions on how to install.

Download and access instructions now.  Replacement parts will arrive by mail in a matter of days.

Save money. Restore your old Fluke Multimeter in 15 Minutes, or less.

This Replacement Kit will work on Fluke 50S, Fluke 50D, Fluke 51, and Fluke 52 Thermometers.

The kit contains Two (2) Elastomers, and Step by step instruction guide with photos.

**Fluke Multimeter, or LCD Display NOT Included**


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