Frequently asked Questions:

What size Elastomers do you stock?

Fluke 170 Series: 18 mm hi x 53 mm long

Fluke 20 Series: 16 mm hi x 48 mm long

Fluke 50 Series: 16 mm hi x 48 mm long

Fluke 70 Series: 16 mm hi x 48 mm long

Fluke 80 Series: 12 mm hi x 40 mm long

Do you sell Fluke 83, 85, 86, 87, and 88 LCDs? Older Fluke 80 Series Multimeter LCDs have have been discontinued for many years and are no longer available from the manufacturer.

What are the sizes of the elastomers that you carry? We carry (3) Three Sizes of elastomers. They are: Fluke 80 Series 12 mm hi 40 mm long Fluke 70 Series Approx 48 mm long Approx 16 mm hi Fluke 170 Series 53 mm long 17.5 mm to 18 mm hi.  Elastomers may be trimmed down in size to fit other applications; however, altering our elastomers voids our Warranty.

I have missing LCD segments on my Fluke meter Display.  Will this fix my meter display? Our Display kits will fix your Fluke display as long as the LCD is not cracked or broken.  We offer a 60 Day Warranty on our products.  If you’re not happy with our product, or if it does not fix your Fluke meter display, simply return the kit for a full refund within 60 Days.

Do you sell Display Kits for other Fluke models? Generally, we only have kits for the Fluke multimeters listed on our site.  There is a possibility that our elastomers will fit your application.  Verify the size that you need and compare to the sizes we offer.  If our sizes are too small for your application, they will not work.  If our sizes are too big, they may be trimmed, or cut down in size to fit your application.  NOTE: Cutting or altering the parts from our kit will void the 60 Day Warranty.

Will these display kits work on a Fluke 8, 10, Fluke 11, Fluke 12, Fluke 16, or Fluke 18 Multimeter? Yes, these kits have been used successfully on these meters after trimming down to the right size.  Doing so voids the Warranty.

Will these elastomers work with other display applications? Yes, as long as the proper size is applied.  Our elastomers may be trimmed down in size to work with any application; however, doing so voids the 60 Day Warranty.

Do you sell Fluke multimeters? Yes. We have limited stock of used, or recycled test equipment that is refurbished and tested.  In some cases we offer Calibration Certificates with the equipment we sell. For more information on our inventory of used test equipment and Fluke Parts, please visit our contact page to submit your request.  We will do our best to accommodate your test equipment needs...and if we're not able to help, we'll get you to the one who can.